Faculty Members:

Graeme Chalmers
Professor & Director of the Centre for Cross-Faculty Inquiry in Education
Room: SC 309F, Phone: 604-822-6502
Dr. Chalmers’ research interests focus on the socio-cultural foundations of art education. Current projects include the implementation of multicultural and anti-racist arts education programs and a new teacher education cohort focusing on diversity.

Erin Crisfield
Sessional Lecturer, EDST, Adult Education
Email:, Phone: 604-729-4217
Research and teaching interests: ecological, social, and economic sustainability education, adult learning in social movements, adult education theory and practice. Erin is also freelance educator and owner of Arbutus Adult Education.

Lynn Fels
Room: Scarfe 305D , Phone: 604 822-6439, E-mail:
Dr. Fels is the Off-campus Program and Student Advisor and Co-ordinating Editor of Educational Insights in CCFI. Her research interests are in performative inquiry, writing, teacher education, and curriculum. Central to her work are issues of empowerment, engagement, and the explorative spaces that emerge through performance.

Harry Hubball
Assistant Professor
Room: SC2304, Phone: 604-822-9218, Email:
Dr. Hubball’s research and practice focus on issues of curriculum and pedagogy in university and physical education contexts. Dr. Hubball teaches undergraduates, graduate students and pre-service teachers in courses such as: Physical Education; Health Promotion; Outdoor Environmental Education; and Improvement of College and University Teaching.

Don Krug
Associate Professor
Room: SC2118, Phone: 604-822-5318, Email:
Dr. Krug’s research interests include pedagogy, multimedia, and information and educational technologies; critical inquiry, curriculum integration and interdisciplinarity, and communication theory and practice; and social, cultural, and ecological studies in education and the arts. See Art & Ecology website at

Michael Marker
Associate Professor and Director, Ts’`kel.
Room: Ponderosa Annex G, Room 27, Phone: (604)822-6627 , Email:
Dr. Marker’s research interests include indigenous issues in higher education; indigenous epistemologies and political contexts; culturally responsive pedagogy; coast salish education; place based knowledge and narrative; anthropology and indigenous peoples, international indigenous education; historical interpretation and aboriginal education.

Jolie Mayer-Smith
Associate Professor
Room: SC2214, Phone: 604-822-5293, Email:
Dr. Mayer-Smith’s research interests include educational technology, collaboration, staff development, teacher education, constructivism and the classroom, science education, post-secondary teaching and learning, and environmental education.

Charlene Morton
Instructor 1
Room: SC2117, Phone: 604-822-5332, Email:
Dr. Morton teaches a variety of required courses in the UBC Faculty of Education teacher-education program, including courses in communication skills for teachers, elementary music methods, and social issues in education.

Stephen Petrina (
Associate Professor
Room SC2120, Phone: 604-822-5293, Email:
Dr. Petrina has interests in cultural and new media studies, science and technology studies, ecodesign, craft, communication, cognition, and critical pedagogy.

Linda Peterat
Room: SC2231, Phone: 604-822-4808, Fax: 604-822-4714, E-mail:
Dr. Peterat’s research interests include food, textiles, and family studies, curriculum theories, action research, and intergenerational learning.

Daniel Vokey
Associate Professor
Room: Ponderosa Annex G, Room 18, Phone: (604) 822-2085, Email:
Dr. Vokey’s research agenda has been to formulate an account of the nature and justification of moral beliefs that would form one component of a defensible conceptual framework for educational programs that promote commitment to particular moral values. Such programs include initiatives in character, citizenship, environmental, holistic, multicultural, anti-racisist, and transformative education.

Centre Administrator Members:

Mark Edwards
Executive Director of the School Leadership Centre, UBC
Research interests: Ecological consciousness raising, EE in its many forms.

Tim Michel
First Nations House of Learning
Research interests: Aboriginal knowledge and environment
postdoctoral scholar members:

Post-Doc Members:

Lee Brown (CUST)
Research interests: Emotions and education, aboriginal education

Marcia McKenzie (EDST),
Research interests: Social justice, environmental, and outdoor education; teacher education; globalization; cultural studies; qualitative research; and epistemological and ethical issues.
current and alumni student members:

Graduate Student Members:

Luanne Armstrong (CCFI)
Research interests: Narrative, autobiography, memoir

Oksana Bartosh (CUST)
Research interests: Environmental education, curriculum integration, assessment

Erin Crisfield (EDST)
Research interests: education for ecological, economic and social sustainability; adult learning in social movements; adult education theory and practice.

Bruce Ford (CUST)
Research interests: Sustainability education in urban places

Jacqui Gingras (CCFI)
Research interests: Education, identity and socialization of “nutrition experts”

Martin Guhn (EPSE)
Research interests: Children’s development of social-emotional skills

Catherine Hall (CCFI)
Research interests: Secondary environmental education programs

Brandy Humes (EDST)
Research interests: Environmental education, anti-oppressive education

Nané Jordan (CCFI)
Research interests: Ecofeminism, embodied education

Jackie Kennelly (EDST)
Research interests: sociology of youth; youth activist communities; educating for citizenship and democracy; social movement theory

Shin Komori (EDST)
Research interests: Ecological-holistic education, sustainability education, outdoor education, eastern perspectives

Ida Koric (EDUC)
Research interests: Integrating environmental studies into secondary education

Liz Krieg (EDST)
Research interests: Environmental education

Erica Mohan (EDST)
Research interests: Etnic relations, anti-racism, and multiculturalism

Deb Phillips (CUST)
Research interests: Art education

Barbara Radford (CCFI)
Research interests: Environmental education as living inquiry, ways of knowing through gardening

Jessica Richmond (EDST)
Research interests: Environmental and outdoor adventure education

Larson Rogers (CUST)
Research interests: Ethics/politics of science education

Sandra Scott (CUST)
Research interests: Children’s environmental knowing

Mathabo Tsepa (CUST)
Research interests: Indigenous environmental knowing, food security, hunger, access to safe water

Darren West (CUST)
Research interests: Outdoor education, linking sports with the environment

Karen Zucchiatti (EDST)
Research interests: Social justice, queer education, outdoor education

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